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12 January 1987
A nurse at TTSH
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06 September 1987
Currently ICA
Happily attached with ETRI YAYANTI ♥



Feel This Beat

My 23th Birthday Friday, January 15, 2010 10:54 PM
My 23th birthday was another meaning moment for me...Thanks to Bf for making it all plan out just by himself.I know its hard to suprise some1 espically ur love one if you're doing it alone.Haha..yea that day i was on course and unable to celebrate it the whole day with my boyfren.But at least he made the effort.I'm loving it tau b..b.You always make me happy n smile..asraf is my lil cute baby boy..hahah :)

To have you thru out my journey is the most important part..b.

My present...thank you b..

Thank you b for all the things you done for me and yes...i love you till my last breath. :)

We Talk Like We're Famous Monday, December 21, 2009 10:54 PM
Party Like A Rockstar!!
we had so much fun together...
My one and only ROCKSTAR!!

Our Pasta Time....Yummy!

My One Fav. "BEBE"...hahaha.
We ended our day by taking new print..for the very first time...we juz try..haha.Its funny cos we could not understand as it written in we were rushing and end up a lil mess...but it was fun..hahaha.


Dec is My Day!! Saturday, December 19, 2009 11:44 PM

i bought my own digital camera in black...i bought it for $145,it include the stand,cleaning kit,memory card and the bag...i'm loving it...its nice somemore its 12.2 pix....yahoooo!!..

ok firstly i'm glad that my porated bonus is in...and i get it.even i dun get full i still get it..haha which i think it is BIG amount for myself for the very first time...maner tak...4 digit...babes..nak jejak 3 ribu...wahyaooo!!!!I'm so!!Saving is getting higher..haha...i'm glad i'm in the right path of my regrets.

we get chocolates still!!!..haha

The mask women...

*Me and Maizura....

my ward christmas party...

The prizes.....

The Day Before....BF and me...@ Town...this have been our 3rd or 4th time we going town...haha...shopper holics...haha.Muackss!

I Love you....